25 best architecture firms in Italy

Jun 12, 2023
1 min

Mario Cucinella Architects is included among the 25 architectural firms that have continued to retain the essence of Italian architecture.

Duccio Malagamba

Mario Cucinella Architects is a prestigious architectural firm guided by the esteemed architect Mario Cucinella. Our firm is recognized for its unwavering dedication to sustainable design, crafting spaces that seamlessly blend with their environment and prioritize the well-being of individuals and the planet. Their designs are responsive to the local context, considering factors such as climate and culture. Sustainability is a core principle, and the firm integrates energy-efficient systems and renewable materials to minimize environmental impact. They also prioritize occupant well-being by incorporating natural elements and fostering a connection to nature. Collaboration is key, as they work closely with clients and experts to create spaces that reflect their vision and values. With a diverse portfolio and numerous awards, Mario Cucinella Architects continues to be recognized for their innovative and sustainable designs.

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